Ty Bowman • Art Statement

In 2013 I began experimenting with how computers “see” or process images. This led me into physical computing using programmable microcontrollers and software to develop hardware and software that process still images and live video. The results have opened up a whole new realm of exploration which is the direction of my new work. I develop computer applications which are essentially narrative animations generated in real time by the software.

I use the webcam and computer programming as a tool to establishing a new type of vision, another dimension to reality. How is that any less valid or any less believable than using a camera to illustrate its facet of reality? How long will it take before our notion of reality shifts again to virtual reality or something else?

The questions I ask as an artist are essential to the work I produce. I ask questions like, 'how can a camera be used to show us another dimension of reality?' or 'how does a computer see reality?' If physicists are correct in postulating that an alternate universe can co-exist in another dimension that we can't see or experience, then why can’t I as an artist present a plausible representation of another dimension of reality right in our own space of existence?

--Ty Bowman

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