Ty Bowman • Art Statement

My work is about perception: real or imagined, memory: conscious or unconscious and imagination. Memories are like shadows of past experience cast on the wake of our lives. They displace time by taking us back to the moment when those events first left their impression.

Silhouettes in my work are a metaphor for how we project our own ideas onto a work of art, other people or the world in general. Other times they act as a shadow of the self holding and suppressing memories and secrets of which the conscious mind is not fully aware.

Interactive video is a way for the viewer to become an active participant in the art, imparting their own ideas and persona to the work or at the very least to explore a work in all of its dimensions.

I use computer technology as an instrument for the imagination to question, play and create in a way that heightens our experience of life.

--Ty Bowman

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