"My Sunshine" American nuclear family riding out the nuclear age.
"Oil Boom Baby" The American Dream dazzles and amazes!
"LA-LA Business" Revisiting the American Dream. The viewer's silhouette is a metaphor for how we project our own baggage onto a work of art, other people or anything else in the world including the world.
"Down the River" A mother sings a lullaby to her children during the nuclear age.
"Dance Waves"
"Body Rays II"
"Body Rays" Interactive video demonstrating live interaction with the Kinect sensor and Processing (java) to generate graphics, synthesized notes and chord progressions.
"Serenity" Peaceful sound and calming photographs. Hand gestures move the ripples around while generating sound effects based on hand positions relative to the screen.
"Squares, Lines, Stars, Spots" is a recorded video performance with live user-interaction.
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